Save $50 monthly if.. *Your horse requires no grain *You board a pony under 14h

I have the answer's

Are dogs allowed?

Absolutely, as long as they are well behaved around the other animals and are monitored at all times. Also, any droppings must be removed from public areas.

Can I bring my outside vet/ferrier/coach?

You got it! I use Campbellville Equine Services as well as Robin Ferguson as my emergency backup being so close to my farm. Regarding ferrier, any are welcome but if you chose to use any other then my own you must schedule your own routine visits. Lastly, outside coach's must provide proof of their own insurance and liability. 

In what age groups are lessons offered?

I have horses of all sizes and levels, including gaited(smooth) horses for elderly or people with a bad back or knees. I offer lessons from age 5 to 95 if fit and able enough to ride safely. All horses are consistently reliable and safe to handle. 

Does outdoor board include grain?

Yes it does, 1 feeding daily. If your horse requires additional grain it will be fed up to 3x daily if provided by the owner.


 There are no discounts for multiple horses and no providing your own supplies to reduce costs. Do it yourself options are available for Indoor board only, and cost of board can be discussed based on your situation.

Turnout Options

Semi private turnout is available at this time. Currently all horses are turned out as a mixed herd in the main pasture.